7th October 2010

Lessons of the Alaska Dividend

At a time when progressive social policies are under attack across the industrialized world, the Alaska Dividend continues to be extremely popular. It distributes a yearly dividend to every man, Read More

7th October 2010

A Citizen’s Pension?

The news of the Government’s proposals for a Citizen’s Pension came too late for us to include the announcement in the printed version of this edition of the Citizen’s Income Read More

7th October 2010

Child Benefit means-testing

There are two particularly interesting aspects to the debate surrounding the announcement at the Conservative Party Conference that Child Benefit is to be denied to any household in which someone Read More

7th August 2010

Stumbling Backwards into the Future of Welfare

The history of social policy is more of a winding country lane, with poorly-signposted crossroads, than a majestic motorway. Iain Duncan Smith’s proposed radical welfare reforms, announced on May 27, Read More

7th June 2010

To the new government: The ‘Big Society’

The Big Society is a society of personal autonomy: of choice over family structure, labour market activity, and much else. It is a society in which incentive translates into success Read More

7th February 2010


Our review article about the rightly fêted book The Spirit Level asks that we go deeper into the causes of inequality than the authors have been able to do, but Read More