9th February 2021

UBI Doctoral Positions Available

If you want to do research around Basic Income the Freiburg Institute for Basic Income Studies (FRIBIS) is offering six doctoral positions. See this leaflet for more information. The deadline Read More

28th January 2021

Income security after the pandemic: Modelling shows Basic Income is best

The Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted serious damage on the economy, on employment, and on household disposable incomes. The UK Government’s job retention and income maintenance schemes have mitigated some of Read More

3rd November 2020

November newsletter published

Our monthly roundup of UBI news is out. Read it all here. There’s lots to read and things you can do to help the UBI cause. If you like it, Read More

14th October 2020

Basic Income debate in the House of Commons

On October 13th there was a Westminster Hall debate in the UK parliament about Basic Income. You can watch the recording of the debate by following this link. In advance Read More

14th October 2020

Basic Income Basics: Why Basic Income is Good for Freedom

By Catarina Neves and Roberto Merrill ‘In the daily lives of most men and women, fear plays a greater part than hope: they are more filled with the thought of Read More

6th October 2020

Our October monthly update is out

Our monthly roundup of UBI news is out. Read it all here. And if you like it, why not subscribe to it?

15th September 2020

Basic Income and the (endless) coronavirus crisis

It is now nearly six months since the first national lockdown was imposed in the UK to try to rein in the rate of Covid infection and avoid overwhelming the Read More

10th September 2020

Starmer hasn’t backed universal basic income yet. Here’s why he should.

In her article of 20 July, Anna Coote dismisses basic income on account of political and practical problems. In fact, it is probably true to claim that ‘Labourists’ comprise a Read More

1st September 2020

Our September newsletter is out

Our monthly newsletter is out. It has been a busy month for Basic Income : UBI trials in Germany; UBI in the political mainstream; more UBI Lab Network labs launched. Read More

21st August 2020

Our submission to the Work and Pensions Committee

Back in May, the UK Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee launched an inquiry “to look at how prepared DWP [Department of Work and Pensions] and its Jobcentre Plus network is Read More