4th June 2019

A book about Citizen’s Basic Income by Louise Haagh

Polity has published The Case for Universal Basic Income by Louise Haagh. To read more about the book, and to order it, click here. And to read an online appendix, Read More

13th May 2019

Guy Standing, Basic Income as Common Dividends

The Progressive Economy Forum has published a report by Guy Standing, Basic Income as Common Dividends: Piloting a transformative policy: A report for the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. To read Read More

12th May 2019

A discussion of Citizen’s Basic Income from the New Economics Foundation

Public Services International has published a report by Anna Coote and Edanur Yazici of the New Economics Foundation, Universal Basic Income: A Union Perspective. To read the report, click here. This Read More

2nd April 2019

Monthly update for April 2019

The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust has published its monthly update for April 2019. To read the update, click here. The update contains news and reviews of new reports by Compass Read More

2nd April 2019

A consensus emerges

An interesting consensus has emerged from recent reports on Citizen’s Basic Income. The think tank Compass has published a new report, Basic Income for All: From desirability to feasibility, by Stewart Lansley and Read More

18th March 2019

A new report from Compass

Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed, Basic Income for All: From desirability to feasibility, Compass, 2019, 40 pp, free to download  This is another useful report from the Lansley and Reed Read More

30th January 2019

Basic Income: Towards an Intellectual History

In January 2019, Peter Sloman, Daniel Zamora and I welcomed over fifty scholars, campaigners and students to Cambridge for a one-day conference on ‘Basic Income: towards an Intellectual History’. The Read More

29th January 2019

International Monetary Fund article on Citizen’s Basic Income

The International Monetary Fund has published an article, What is Universal Basic Income? by Maura Francese and Delphine Prady. … Empirical analysis can shed light on the relative redistributive performance of existing social safety Read More

28th January 2019

A new video about Citizen’s Basic Income

A new video has been launched by UBI Europe. Click here to see it. For those who use twitter, the hashtag is #BasicIncome               Read More

21st January 2019

Citizen’s Basic Income and Citizen’s Basic Income schemes: definitions and details

This is an edited version of a paper presented at the BIEN Congress held in Tampere, Finland, in August 2018  [1]   Introduction A Citizen’s Basic Income is an unconditional, nonwithdrawable Read More