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22nd July 2018

Annie Lowrey, Give People Money

Annie Lowrey, Give People Money: The simple idea to solve inequality and revolutionise our lives, W.H. Allen, 2018, 263 pp, 0-753540577-5, pbk, £12.99 Imagine a check showed up in your Read More

22nd July 2018

Barrault-Stella and Weill, Creating Target Publics

Lorenzo Barrault-Stella and Pierre-Edouard Weill, Creating Target Publics for Welfare Policies: A comparative and multi-level approach, Springer, Cham, 2018, ix + 310 pp, 3 319 89595 6, hbk, £79 Every Read More

22nd July 2018

Lee Gregory, Exploring Welfare Debates

Lee Gregory, Exploring Welfare Debates: Key concepts and questions, Policy Press, 2018, x + 272 pp, 1 4473 2656 4, pbk, £17.59 The assumption underlying this textbook is that the Read More

22nd July 2018

Watts and Fitzpatrick, Welfare Conditionality

Beth Watts and Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Welfare Conditionality, Routledge, 2018, vii + 200 pp, 1 138 11991 8, pbk, £28.99 This book is a comprehensive, comprehensible, and densely referenced exploration of Read More

22nd July 2018

Peter John, How Far to Nudge?

Peter John, How Far to Nudge? Assessing behavioural public policy, Edward Elgar, 2018, xi + 173 pp, 1 78643 056 4, pbk, £25. The eBook is priced from £22 from Google Read More

22nd July 2018

Fée and Kober-Smith (eds) Inequalities in the UK

David Fée and Anémone Kober-Smith (eds), Inequalities in the UK: New discourses, evolutions and actions, Emerald Publishing, 2018, xx + 369 pp, 1 78714 480 4, hbk, £70 While prediction Read More

22nd July 2018

Murray and Forstater (eds) Full Employment and Social Justice

Michael J. Murray and Mathew Forstater (eds), Full Employment and Social Justice: Solidarity and sustainability, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, ix + 264 pp, 3 319 66375 3, hbk, £88 In their Read More

4th June 2018

£10,000 for 25-year-olds

On the 2nd April 2018, the Institute for Public Policy Research published a report, Our Common Wealth, which recommends that a Citizens’ Wealth Fund should be established, which by 2030 Read More

12th May 2018

Lansley, McCann and Schifferes, Remodelling Capitalism

Stewart Lansley, Duncan McCann and Steve Schifferes, Remodelling Capitalism: How social wealth funds could transform Britain, Friends Provident, 2018, 56 pp, free to download from here The first lines of Read More

4th April 2018

Deeming and Smyth (eds), Reframing Global Social Policy

Christopher Deeming and Paul Smyth (eds), Reframing Global Social Policy: Social investment for sustainable and inclusive growth, Policy Press, 2017, xv + 350 pp, 1 4473 3249 7, hbk, £90 Read More