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13th February 2007

Social Justice, Legitimacy and the Welfare State, by Steffen Mau and Benjamin Veghte

Ashgate, 2007, xviii + 264 pp, hbk 0 754 649397 , £55 This edited collection of conference and invited papers offers a coherent, well-researched and detailed international picture of public Read More

12th February 2007

Welfare and Families in Europe, by Peter Abrahamson, Thomas P. Boje, Bent Greve

Ashgate, 2005, 244 pages, hb, 0 75 464249 6, Order this book The challenges faced by European welfare states feature prominently both in political discourse and academic research. In a Read More

12th February 2007

The Future of Social Security Policy: Women, Work and a Citizen’s Basic Income, by Ailsa McKay

Routledge, London, 2005, 269pp, hardback, 0 415 34436 0, £50 Order this book First of all, terminology: Ailsa McKay has interestingly combined the terms ‘Basic Income’ and ‘Citizen’s Income’ into Read More

12th February 2007

Delivering Benefits in Old Age: The Take up of the Minimum Income Guarantee, by Paul Dornan

Ashgate, Aldershot, 2006, 254pp, hardback, 0 7546 4688 2, £50  This is a highly detailed report on a research project at the University of York on the non-take-up of social Read More

12th February 2007

The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee, by Karl Widerquist, Michael Anthony Lewis and Steven Pressman

Ashgate, Aldershot, 2005, xvi+334pp, hbk, 0 7546 4188 0, £60 Order this book The essays in this collection were first given as papers at the first congress of the United Read More

12th February 2007

Basic Income, Unemployment and Compensatory Justice, by Loek Groot

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2004, 142 pp, hardback, 1 4020 2614 5, £42. Order this book The main argument of this wide ranging, interdisciplinary and well-researched book is that if Read More

13th November 2006

Understanding the Policy Process: Analysing welfare policy and practice, by John Hudson and Stuart Lowe

The Policy Press, Bristol, 2004, pb 1 86134 540 2, xiv + 283 pp, £17.99, hb 1 86134 539 9, £50. Order this book This is a textbook designed for Read More

13th November 2006

Social Policy and Administration, vol.39, no.1, February 2005

Two articles in this edition of Social Policy and Administration will be of interest to this Newsletter’s readers. The first is, ‘Child Poverty in Northern Ireland: The limits of Welfare-to-Work Read More

13th November 2006

The Distribution of Wealth, by Michael Schneider

Edward Elgar, 2004, 168 pp, hardback, 1 84064 814 7, £45Order this book Only a small proportion [of economists] have devoted their time to the study of distribution. Of these, Read More

13th November 2006

The opportunities of a lifetime: Model lifetime analysis of current British social policy, by Martin Evans and Jill Eyre

The Policy Press, Bristol, 2004, 91pp, pbk, 1 86134 651 4, £16.95 Order this book This highly informative and innovative report brings together ‘the whole system of taxes, benefits and Read More