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26th November 2012

Social Policy, by Hartley Dean

2nd edition, Polity, 2012, xi + 157 pp, pbk, 0 7456 5178 1, £12.99 Hartley Dean’s passion for social policy is rooted in twelve years spent working for an advice Read More

26th October 2012

Green Economics: An Introduction to Theory, Policy and Practice, by Molly Scott Cato

Earthscan, 2010, xvi + 224 pp, pbk, 978-1-84407-571-3. Molly Scott-Cato, economics spokesperson for the Green Party and lecturer at the Cardiff School of Management, has produced an excellent introductory account Read More

26th October 2012

A Minority View: What Beatrice Webb would say now, edited by Barry Knight

Beatrice Webb Memorial Series on Poverty, vol.1, Alliance Publishing Trust, 2011, 128pp, pbk, 1 907376 11 5, available from the Webb Memorial Trust, Beatrice Webb’s contribution to a Royal Read More

1st October 2012

Review Essay: Funding Citizen’s Income from Money Creation: The message of James Robertson’s Future Money

The ‘sensible’ view of Citizen’s Income (CI) is that it would pool income tax allowances and welfare benefits, as far as possible, into a single uniform payment, varying only with Read More

26th September 2012

Reinventing Social Solidarity across Europe, edited by Marion Ellison

Policy Press, 2011, xv + 270 pp, hbk, 1 847 42727 4, £70 Social solidarity is ‘a contested, fluid, multilevel and multifaceted concept within the European polity, civil society and Read More

26th September 2012

Labour Market Flexibility and Pension Reforms: Flexible Today, Secure Tomorrow?, edited by Karl Hinrichs and Matteo Jessoula

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, xviii + 262 pp, hbk, 0 230 29006 8, £55 Time was when a lifetime of full-time employment would be followed by retirement on a contributory state Read More

26th August 2012

Welfare Theory: An introduction to the theoretical debates in social policy, by Tony Fitzpatrick

2nd edition, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, xvi + 241 pp, pbk 0 230 27202 6, £19.99 The map with which political philosophers and social theorists are concerned overlaps, to a considerable Read More

26th July 2012

The Last Safety Net: A handbook of minimum income protection in Europe, by Thomas Bahle, Vanessa Hubl, and Michaela Pfeifer

Policy Press, 2011, xi + 271 pp, hbk, 1 847 42725 0, £70 This thoroughly researched survey of European means-tested minimum income protection (MIP) systems – the safety-nets into which Read More

26th July 2012

Social Policy in Challenging Times: Economic crisis and welfare systems, edited by Kevin Farnsworth and Zoë Irving

Policy Press, 2011, xi + 335 pp, pbk, 1 847 42827 1, £27.99, hbk, 1 847 42828 8, £70 Whilst in all of the countries studied in this edited collection Read More

26th June 2012

Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile decision-making in a turbulent world, by Graham Room

Edward Elgar, 2011, vii + 383pp, hbk, 0 85793 263 1, £95 This is one of those rare books which studies the deeper foundations of theory and practice: not just Read More