European Citizenship and Social Exclusion, by Maurice Roche, Rik van Berkel (eds.)

Ashgate: Aldershot 1997 (304 pages), £47. Order this book
This book has been inspired by concern for the future of social inclusion and citizenship rights in the context of the profound social, political and economic changes and challenges modern societies are faced with in the 21st century. In Europe, two developments in particular need to be considered, namely the crisis of the ‘European Social Model’ and national-level social citizenship on the one hand, and integration problems in the development of the European Union and transnational social citizenship on the other.
This book aims to explore the potential of a variety of innovative and inclusive policy strategies concerned with work and employment, and relating to the roles of civil society and citizens in those strategies. Thus it includes studies of policies concerned with civil society’s role in work and welfare policy, innovative approaches to work and employment, urban level work and income policies, and the basic income approach to income distribution.
The book is concerned with the current development of the European Union and with the prospects for EU-level social policy and citizenship policy, and it makes a contribution to debates on the medium-term development of EU-level policies concerned with deepening the integration of the EU by developing the general status and rights of EU citizenship and by developing citizenship-sensitive and rights-sensitive socio-economic policymaking.
The contribution by Bill Jordan is well worth reading.