22nd September 2016


There was an uncanny similarity between two referenda held in June: the UK’s referendum on whether to remain in the European Union, and the Swiss referendum on a Citizen’s Income. Read More

19th September 2016

Tony Atkinson’s most recent advocacy for a Participation Income

In a recent interview for Social Europe, Professor Tony Atkinson reiterates his support for a Participation Income. Click here to read the interview, and also to hear a podcast of Read More

19th September 2016

‘Money for Nothing’ on Radio 4

For a range of voices speaking about Citizen’s Income, listen to Radio 4’s Analysis programme on ‘Money for Nothing’, presented by Sonia Sodha.

3rd August 2016

Viewpoint: What can we learn from a campaign for zero-loss mining in Goa?

Goa and the UK might seem to have very little in common, but there are a couple of things that unite Goans and the British: a wealth of natural resources, Read More

6th May 2016

If Citizen’s Income is the answer, what is the question?

The simple question, alluded to in the title of this article, is: ‘How do we end the wages system?’ That raises further questions – ‘Why end the wage system? What Read More

4th May 2016

Administrative complexity

As an article in The Guardian on the 27th January showed, the roll-out of Universal Credit is causing some severe difficulties for vulnerable families. We don’t blame the Job Centre Read More

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