What Is It?

A Citizen's Income is an unconditional income for every citizen.

(A Citizen’s Income is sometimes called a Basic Income (BI), a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Social Dividend, or a Universal Grant)

A Citizen’s Income is

  • ‘Unconditional’: A Citizen’s Income would vary with age, but there would be no other conditions: so everyone of the same age would receive the same Citizen’s Income, whatever their gender, employment status, family structure, contribution to society, housing costs, or anything else.
  • ‘Automatic’: Someone’s Citizen’s Income would be paid weekly or monthly, automatically.
  • ‘Nonwithdrawable’: Citizen’s Incomes would not be means-tested. If someone’s earnings or wealth increased, then their Citizen’s Income would not change.
  • ‘Individual’: Citizen’s Incomes would be paid on an individual basis, and not on the basis of a couple or household.
  • ‘As a right of citizenship’: Everybody legally resident in the UK would receive a Citizen’s Income, subject to a minimum period of legal residency in the UK, and continuing residency for most of the year.

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