About the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust

1. What is the Citizen’s Income Trust?

The Citizen’s Income Trust promotes debate on the desirability and feasibility of a Citizen’s Income by publishing a newsletter and other publications, maintaining this website, maintaining a library of resources, and responding to requests for information.

The charitable trust, the Citizen’s Income Trust, takes its name from the concept of a universal or basic income guaranteed to all citizens who are legal residents of this country. The organisation used to be called the Basic Income Research Group, which was formed in 1984 under the auspices of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), to research all aspects of reform along the lines of a Basic Income. The association with NCVO continued until 1987, when BIRG became independent. In 1989, BIRG became a registered charity (no. 328198) and in 1992, BIRG changed its name to the Citizen’s Income Trust because social security reform is an important part of the wider debate about the nature of citizenship.

2. Is CIT politically independent?

Yes. CIT is independent of all political parties and it is not a pressure group. Its aim is to promote debate about the feasibility and desirability of a Citizen’s Income, not to campaign for one. The only organisation to which it is affiliated is the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) (formerly the Basic Income European Network), which it helped to found in 1986.

3. What does CIT do?

CIT’s trustees and its Director pursue and encourage debate about the concept of Citizen’s Income across a wide variety of institutions both here and abroad. The Trust publishes a regular Citizen’s Income Newsletter and introductory material, undertakes occasional research projects, holds conferences and seminars, and maintains a website and a library.

4. Who manages Citizen’s Income Trust?

Ultimate responsibility lies with CIT’s trustees, who appoint a director. The Trustees are: Alex Cobham, Hartley Dean, Ben Dyson, Jake Eliot, Tony Fitzpatrick, Jay Ginn, Alison Griffin, Louise Haagh,Ursula Huws, Barb Jacobson, Neal Lawson, John MacNicol, Anne Miller (Chair), Gareth Morgan, Guy Standing, Mark Wadsworth (treasurer).

The Director is Dr. Malcolm Torry

5. Where does the money come from to run CIT?

The Citizen’s Income Trust is funded by donations from individuals and charitable trusts. A copy of the most recently independently examined accounts is available on request.

6. How can I participate?

In the following ways:

  • by joining our newsletter (sign up on the right hand side of this page)
  • by encouraging debate through local organisations and the media, and
  • through donating to the Trust’s funds.