Research & Analysis

9th October 2019

New research on subjective poverty

Nicolas Duvoux and Adrien Papuchon have written a new working paper for the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics, Subjective Poverty as perceived lasting social insecurity: Lessons from Read More

23rd September 2019

Two new blog posts from Paul Spicker

Two of Paul Spicker’s recent blog posts are relevant to the Citizen’s Basic Income debate. In an article written on the 22nd September he summarises his contribution to a new Read More

19th September 2019

New EU regulations about precarious employment

Social Europe has published an article by Agnieszka Piasna about a new EU directive on irregular work. Constantly changing and erratic working hours have become a common experience for European Read More

18th September 2019

Universal Credit and relationship dissolution

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice has published an article by Rita Griffiths titled ‘For better or for worse: does the UK means-tested social security system encourage partnership dissolution?‘ Read More

16th September 2019

A new report from the Institute for Policy Research

The Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath has published a new report,  Basic Income, Automation, and Labour Market Change, by Luke Martinelli The research questions tackled by Read More

11th September 2019

Updated microsimulation research results and responses to questions

Introduction This research note summarises parts of a recent working paper published by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Static microsimulation research on Citizen’s Basic Income for the UK: Read More