Research & Analysis

1st September 2013

Basic Income and the UK labour supply

Click here to read Basic Income and the UK Labour Supply- Michael Story 2013 Michael Story summarises his dissertation: While various income scheme experiments in the developing world have increased Read More

10th July 2013

How a generous Citizen’s Income scheme could help to regenerate local demand, and hence the national economy

Click here to read How a generous Citizens Income scheme … could help to regenerate local demand In this paper written for the Social Policy Association’s 2013 annual conference in Read More

17th June 2013

A podcast about the new book ‘Money for Everyone’

To accompany the launch of Money for Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income by the Policy Press on the 27th June, there is now a podcast on the Citizen’s Read More

1st June 2013

Can Basic Income Cash Transfers Transform India?

Since the 1990s, on average the Indian economy has been growing at over 6% a year. Yet hundreds of millions remain mired in poverty, and inequality has grown steadily. For Read More

1st February 2013

A French microsimulation

Dr Marc de Basquiat has employed microsimulation software and a household budget survey (named MAUF-MS) of 823,815 individuals aged 18 and above grouped in 458,584 households to calculate the gains Read More

1st February 2013

A rule-of-thumb basic income model for the UK, with and without an earnings/income disregard: Design and cost your own Basic Income scheme

ABSTRACT The defining characteristics of a Basic Income (BI), (universal, individual, unconditional, high enough), do not provide the full specification for a working scheme. The methods of monitoring, compliance and Read More