Research & Analysis

1st September 2014

The Economic Necessity of Basic Income

Click here to read The Economic Necessity of Basic Income – Geoff Crocker Geoff Crocker argues that the delinkage of productivity and real wages is the underlying cause of the Read More

1st September 2014

Liberty, Reciprocity, and the Justification of a Basic Income

Click here to read Philipp Klotz, Liberty Reciprocity and the Justification of a Basic Income_Master Thesis LSE Philipp Klotz writes about his dissertation: I will argue in favour of a Read More

28th June 2014

Is Citizen’s Income the answer to workfare?

Introduction The context of the Citizen’s Income (CI) debate now includes Universal Credit (UC), about which opinions differ. Bill Jordan, a long term advocate of CI, has seen UC as Read More

28th June 2014

Arguing for a Citizen’s Basic Income in a New Scotland

The constitutional change debate provides an opportunity to shape a distinctively Scottish welfare scenario that would meet the challenges associated with demographic change, the dynamics of modern labour markets and Read More

1st February 2014

The political feasibility of a Citizen’s Income in the UK

This essay begins and ends with a genuine question: Given the proven desirability and financial feasibility of a Citizen’s Income, why does a Citizen’s Income not appear to be politically Read More

1st December 2013

Evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s expert group on welfare

Click here to read Anne Miller, evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Expert Working Group on Welfare, December 2013 Anne Miller summarises her paper: The purpose of this paper is to Read More