Research & Analysis

5th January 2017

Behavioural Effects of a Citizen’s Income on wages, job security and labour supply

[Note: If the tables appear too small on your computer screen, go to tools/zoom/200% ] Abstract. What would be the effect of a citizen’s income (CI), aka basic income or Read More

3rd January 2017

A response to a recent article in The Independent

John Rentoul has written an article entitled ‘Basic Income is the latest bad political idea that refuses to die’. We would not normally write a critical response to such articles, but the selective Read More

14th December 2016

Criticisms of Citizen’s Income, and how to overcome them

To see Ursula Huws’ article The key criticisms of Basic Income and how to overcome them, click here.

28th November 2016

An evaluation of a strictly revenue neutral Citizen’s Income scheme

This article  [1] is an amended version [2] of a paper that was first published as a EUROMOD working paper by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University Read More

16th November 2016

ICAEW report on implementing Citizen’s Income

On the 15th November the ICAEW (Institute for Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) held a consultation on four Citizen’s Income implementation methods described in their new publication, How might Read More

29th October 2016

Institute for Policy Research seminar and blog posts

On the 11th October the Institute for Policy Research held a seminar: ‘Money for Everyone: The state of the Basic Income / Citizen’s Income debate’. Click here to read an Read More