Tony Atkinson’s most recent advocacy for a Participation Income

In a recent interview for Social Europe, Professor Tony Atkinson reiterates his support for a Participation Income. Click here to read the interview, and also to hear a podcast of it.

For research results which reveal the difficulty of administering a Participation Income, and for calculations that show that on Tony Atkinson’s ‘participation’ criteria only 1.2% of the UK’s population would be excluded from his Participation Income at considerable administrative cost, see Malcolm Torry, The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), pp. 124-6 and 134-9. Significantly, in the section of Tony Atkinson’s book Inequality in which he discusses Participation Income, the accompanying microsimulation results appear to be for a Citizen’s Income and not for a Participation Income (see p. 138 in Malcolm Torry, The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income).