14th February 2000

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2000 – Issue 1

Making Pensions work for women BIEN Conference held Brussels November 99 REgulating for Empoyablility A Basic Income Movement in Sweden Download as PDF

14th November 1999

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 1999 – Issue 3

CI Leader: The Contributory Principle The social Security Committee of the House of Commons has been taking evidence on The Contributory Principle1. The debate on the funding of social security Read More

14th July 1998

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 1998 – Issue 2

Citizens Income newsletter 1998 – Issue 2 Winter LEAD ARTICLE: What can we expect from the Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC)? Over the last few months there has been frenetic Read More

14th February 1998

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 1998 – Issue 1

Goodbye to the Bulletin: From late 1984 until this spring the Citizen’s Income Trust and its previous incarnation the Basic Income Research Group have owed an immense debt to the Read More