3rd December 2018

Muschert et al, Global Agenda for Social Justice

Glenn W. Muschert, Kristen M. Budd, Michelle Christian, Brian V. Klockr, Jon Shefner and Robert Perrucci (eds), Global Agenda for Social Justice, Policy Press, 2018, xxii + 174 pp, 1 Read More

8th November 2018

Insecure employment is driving poverty

Pat Thane reports on research that shows that poverty in the UK is now similar in character to the UK’s poverty a hundred years ago. … The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Read More

4th November 2018


‘Inequality’ is often taken to mean ‘income inequality’, or possibly ‘wealth inequality’; and the claim is often made that a Citizen’s Basic Income would help to solve that problem. To Read More

20th September 2018

A new article from John McCone

John McCone has written a new article about Citizen’s Basic Income and the idea of a Countryside Living Allowance.            

10th September 2018

A new report from the IPPR

The Institute for Public Policy Research’s Commission on Economic Justice has published its final report, Prosperity and Justice: A plan for the new economy As the IPPR says, the report Read More

21st August 2018

An opinion, and a research report

Two contrasting articles have been published during the past week: The Scottish Herald has published a report on a debate held in Edinburgh: Proposals to hand everyone in Scotland a Read More

1st August 2018

The Work and Pensions committee questions Universal Credit household based payments

In a new report, the Work and Pensions Committee warns that single household payments of Universal Credit could put claimants living with domestic abuse at risk of harm. Read the Read More

22nd July 2018

The future of employment

So what is the future of employment? Is new technology going to deliver a jobless world, or will there be plenty of new jobs to replace the ones that will Read More

22nd July 2018

Fée and Kober-Smith (eds) Inequalities in the UK

David Fée and Anémone Kober-Smith (eds), Inequalities in the UK: New discourses, evolutions and actions, Emerald Publishing, 2018, xx + 369 pp, 1 78714 480 4, hbk, £70 While prediction Read More

22nd July 2018

Murray and Forstater (eds) Full Employment and Social Justice

Michael J. Murray and Mathew Forstater (eds), Full Employment and Social Justice: Solidarity and sustainability, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, ix + 264 pp, 3 319 66375 3, hbk, £88 In their Read More