29th July 2019

New microsimulation research on Citizen’s Basic Income schemes

The Institute for Social and Economic Research has published new microsimulation research: Static microsimulation research on Citizen’s Basic Income for the UK: a personal summary and further reflections, by Malcolm Read More

23rd May 2019

The New Economics Foundation advocates both Citizen’s Basic Income and Universal Basic Services

The New Economics Foundation has published an article by Andrew Pendleton, Imagining a new social contract. … Two particular groups of solutions are gaining ground. One, Universal Basic Income (UBI), is Read More

14th May 2019

The Royal Society of Arts proposal for a Basic Income pilot project in Scotland

The RSA has published a new report: A Basic Income for Scotland. The purpose of this report is to explore how, in Scotland, where there is significant interest in Basic Read More

4th April 2019


Talkshop has published a discussion kit about Citizen’s Basic Income. This kit is designed for you to run a stimulating discussion in a small group of up to 6 people Read More

18th March 2019

Compass has published a new report

The think tank Compass has published a new report, Basic Income for All: From desirability to feasibility, by Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed. This paper examines some options for the introduction of Read More

9th March 2019

Positive Money’s ‘Helicopter money’ video

Positive Money has published a new video that suggests that when the next financial crisis arrives, the Bank of England, instead of creating money to buy government bonds, which enriches Read More

16th November 2018

New World Bank report

The World Bank has published a new report, Toward a New Social Contract: Taking on distributional tensions in Europe and Central Asia. The nature of the initiatives implemented to realize Read More

16th August 2018

The cost of Citizen’s Basic Income

Elizaveta Fouksman  has written an article, ‘Why universal basic income costs far less than you think’, for the website The Conversation. Want to get rid of poverty, lessen inequality and provide financial Read More

2nd August 2018

A second and distinct income tax

Common criticisms of Citizen’s Basic Income (CBI), assuming that most existing benefits and tax reliefs intended to alleviate poverty (primarily the personal allowance and tax break for pensions) were replaced Read More

31st July 2018

Noah Schaul’s degree dissertation on the financial feasibility of Citizen’s Basic Income

Congratulations to Noah Schaul on his degree at Utrecht University School of Economics. To read his dissertation on the financial feasibility of Citizen’s Basic Income, click here.       Read More