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14th July 1999

Microsimulation and Policy Debate: A Case Study of the Minimum Pension Guarantee in Britain, by A.B. Atkinson and H. Sutherland

This excellent paper, published by the Microsimulation Unit in Cambridge, seeks to explore the relationship between microsimulation and policy discussion through a case study. The very topical issue chosen is Read More

14th July 1998

Beveridge or Brown? Contribution and Redistribution: The Real Social Security Debate, by Sheila Lawlor

Dr Sheila Lawlor, Director of Politeia, argues the case for retaining the contributory principle on which Beveridge based social security. She believes that the restoration of the principle is central Read More

14th July 1998

Thatcherism, New Labour and the Welfare State, by John Hills

This paper examines the extent to which the welfare state policies pursued by the Labour Government in its first fifteen months represent a break with those of its Conservative predecessor Read More

14th February 1998

The new Politics of Welfare, by Bill Jordan

This topical textbook provides a critical introduction to the current debates and politics surrounding welfare reform in the United Kingdom and the United States. By explaining the origins and main Read More

14th February 1998

Setting adequacy standards: how governments define minimum incomes, by John Veit-Wilson

This is an excellent international survey of how the governments of ten countries worldwide set their Minimum Income Standards (MIS). The UK Government currently has no MIS to assess the Read More

14th February 1998

Social Insurance in Europe, by Joseph Clasen

This book summarises the main arguments about and highlights the lessons to be learnt from European experiences of social insurance and social security as a whole. It is an excellent Read More

14th February 1998

Towards a Humane Individualism lecture to John Stuart Mill Institute, by Samuel Brittan

This pamphlet breaks with past tradition and includes three texts by Sam Brittan: In Defence of Individualism, Making Common Cause; How liberals differ and what they ought to agree on; Read More

14th February 1998

Challenges to the Welfare State: Internal and External Dynamics for Change, by Henry Cavanna

This book examines and assesses cultural, economic and political problems facing the United States and Europe and provides policy suggestions to alleviate them. Sir Samuel Brittan, Assistant Editor of the Read More