19th June 2020

Scotland Moves Closer to a Basic Income Pilot

Scotland has been leading the debate on basic income in the UK. A basic income is a regular payment that goes to everyone, regardless of personal circumstances. The amount paid, Read More

14th May 2020

A humorous take on Citizen’s Basic Income pilot projects

Readers looking for a little light relief in these difficult times might enjoy a recent article by Tomas Pueyo about pilot projects. (Take no notice of the map. It’s rather Read More

6th May 2020

More results from the Finland experiment published

At a presentation on Wednesday 6th May, Kela, the Finnish social security agency, gave further results from the first year of its Basic Income experiment. The trial group was 2,000 Read More

21st March 2020

Getting Basic Income Done

We have been asked the question: Would it be possible to implement a Citizen’s Basic Income now for the UK? Our previous post on this subject laid out the difficulties. Read More

26th February 2020

Hong Kong to make a one-off unconditional payment to permanent residents

In its recent budget the Hong Kong government has included a one-off unconditional payment of HK$10,000 (£1,000) for every permanent resident aged 18 years or over. This is not a Read More

14th February 2020

Hull’s request to run a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project rejected by the Chancellor

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, has rejected Hull City Council’s request to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project. To read an article about the rejection, click here. Read More

1st January 2020

A conference on pilot projects in Portugal in July

There will be a conference on the political theory and social policy analysis of Citizen’s Basic Income experiments from the 1st to the 3rd July 2020 at the ​University of Read More

16th November 2019

New Economics Foundation: Weekly National Allowance’s effect on Universal Credit

In March, the New Economics Foundation published a report that recommended that a cash payment, a Weekly National Allowance (WNA), should replace the Income Tax Personal Allowance. The WNA was Read More

11th September 2019

Liverpool looks forward to a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project

The Liverpool Echo reports on the Liverpool mayor’s interest in running a pilot project: Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson has given a pledge on Universal Basic Income as work to bring in Read More

13th June 2019

Sheffield hopes to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project

The Guardian reports on Sheffield City Council’s expressed wish to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project, based on a report by the UBI Lab, Sheffield. Sheffield has moved closer to Read More