4th November 2018


‘Inequality’ is often taken to mean ‘income inequality’, or possibly ‘wealth inequality’; and the claim is often made that a Citizen’s Basic Income would help to solve that problem. To Read More

4th November 2018

Green support for Citizen’s Basic Income

Green Parties are often at the forefront of political support for Citizen’s Basic Income: but is this rational? At the heart of the Green Party’s concerns is protection of the Read More

4th November 2018

Means-testing is not inevitable

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s budget statement on the 29th October [1] contained nearly thirty mentions of Universal Credit, the major change being a one thousand pound increase in the Read More

18th October 2018

The BBC on Universal Credit and Citizen’s Basic Income

The BBC reports that the Universal Credit rollout will be delayed again and that changes might be made to the means-tested and work-tested benefit. Paul Spicker has written a commentary Read More

15th October 2018

Citizen’s Basic Income discussed in a new Compass publication

The new Compass report, The Causes and Cures of Brexit, contains a chapter on Citizen’s Basic Income by Barb Jacobson: … Basic income assumes the best – that people can decide Read More

1st October 2018

The Political-Economy Fallouts Of Universal Basic Income Schemes

Carlo D’Ippoliti has written an article for Social Europe: ‘The Political-Economy Fallouts Of Universal Basic Income Schemes‘. D’Ippoliti lists some of the political constraints relating to job guarantee programmes, and then Read More