6th February 2018

Universal Credit, means-testing, and social security: an article by Jane Millar

… Child Benefit is an exceptionally well-directed way of helping families and all the old arguments — contribution of society to the future, supports children regardless of parental employment status, provides Read More

29th January 2018

World Economic Forum discussion about Citizen’s Basic Income

To watch a one hour discussion about Citizen’s Basic Income at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, click here        

13th January 2018

The Guardian publishes a critique of the Finnish experiment

An article in The Guardian studies how the Finnish experiment is working out: … The Finnish experiment’s design and objectives mean it should perhaps not really be seen as a Read More

11th January 2018

A Guardian podcast of a debate on Citizen’s Basic Income

The Guardian has published a podcast of a debate on Citizen’s Basic Income (start to listen at 16:00 minutes): Could a universal basic income be a solution to precarious work, Read More

20th December 2017

The ideal meets the practical

Towards an unconditional Citizen’s Basic Income At a time when the idea of Citizen’s Basic Income is gaining traction, discussion and debate continues to break down when the idea meets Read More

5th December 2017

The Inevitability of Deficit

It’s a fact that in modern economies, government financial deficit is the norm. The only exceptions to this are the oil states, and small specific economies running vast export surpluses. Read More

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