6th October 2011

A Perspective from Shanghai

I am a British economist currently working in Shanghai. Discussion about manufacture of Solar PV panels with a friend, who is CEO of a major producer, brought home to me Read More

6th October 2011

The Single Tier State Pension

These are interesting times for debate on the reform of the tax and benefits system. By the time you read this Newsletter the Government’s consultation period on the future of Read More

6th June 2011

Labour Party Policy

Kate Green MP writes in the Winter 2010/11 edition of the Fabian Review: In Labour’s current policy review, I’ll be arguing that universal benefits have an important role to play Read More

7th February 2011

With apologies to ‘Yes Minister’

Minister: Undersecretary … Undersecretary: Yes, Sir? M: What did you think of the Chancellor’s conference announcement? U: Which one, Sir? M: The one about Child Benefit. U: Masterful, Sir. M: Read More

7th October 2010

Lessons of the Alaska Dividend

At a time when progressive social policies are under attack across the industrialized world, the Alaska Dividend continues to be extremely popular. It distributes a yearly dividend to every man, Read More

7th October 2010

A Citizen’s Pension?

The news of the Government’s proposals for a Citizen’s Pension came too late for us to include the announcement in the printed version of this edition of the Citizen’s Income Read More

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