26th October 2014

In place of pensions – why there is no alternative to a Citizen’s Income, for pensioners and working adults alike

The global financial crisis (GFC) has now been on-going for 6 years. All the promises made by politicians in 2008 that they would soon be able to restore the system Read More

26th October 2014


In 2011 Compass published the final report of its High Pay Commission, and the Living Wage Commission, chaired by the Archbishop of York, published its report in June of this year. Read More

26th October 2014

Benefits sanctions

Over seventy years ago, Juliet Rhys Williams, a member of the Beveridge committee, [note]Sir William Beveridge, Social Insurance and Allied Services, Cmd 6404, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, London, 1942[/note] objected Read More

27th September 2014

A Citizen’s Income could be implemented very quickly after the General Election

A Citizen’s Income is an unconditional, nonwithdrawable income paid to every individual as a right of citizenship. But how should it be implemented? And what should we do about the Read More

29th August 2014

Quantitative Easing funding for a Citizen’s Income?

On the 24th August Larry Elliott, while discussing the Eurozone crisis, wrote this in the Guardian: In the US magazine Foreign Affairs, Blyth and Lonergan write that instead of pursuing policies Read More

28th June 2014


Andrew McAfee’s lecture on Youtube is justifiably popular. He charts the way in which increasing automation is destroying employment, and asks how we are to manage a society in which Read More