15th June 2015

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ Green Budget, 2015

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ annual Green Budget sets out in as objective a way as possible the options facing the Chancellor of the Exchequer as he approaches his budget Read More

15th June 2015


In a report entitled Poverty and Devolution, the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests criteria for deciding whether a benefit could be devolved to a more local level (as Council Read More

15th June 2015

Think tanks

Think tanks are now an essential part of the political landscape. There was a time when political parties openly debated policy ideas: but no longer. Newspapers, social media, blogs, and Read More

14th June 2015

An Unconditional Citizen’s Income

In these straitened times, the idea of a basic income, granted unconditionally to every citizen, from cradle to grave, feels utopian. How on earth could it be paid for, we Read More

20th March 2015

The prospects for a CI scheme in Scotland after the 2014 Referendum on Independence

This report is a personal view, and as a ‘Yes’ campaigner, I admit that it is not impartial. The Edinburgh Agreement of 2012 agreed the wording on the ballot paper Read More

20th March 2015

Fair benefits

In a recent article in Renewal, Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and Martin McIvor, an advisor to Rachel Reeves, reflect on the legacy of Read More