25th June 2015

Reducing Tax Credits and Housing Benefit

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has decided that £12bn must be cut from the benefits bill, and that much of that saving will come from reducing the levels of Tax Credits Read More

15th June 2015

A Green Party Perspective

Citizen’s Income – an idea too idealistic to take seriously or one whose time has come? For those who may be hearing about a Citizen’s Income for the first time, Read More

15th June 2015

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ Green Budget, 2015

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ annual Green Budget sets out in as objective a way as possible the options facing the Chancellor of the Exchequer as he approaches his budget Read More

15th June 2015


In a report entitled Poverty and Devolution, the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests criteria for deciding whether a benefit could be devolved to a more local level (as Council Read More

15th June 2015

Think tanks

Think tanks are now an essential part of the political landscape. There was a time when political parties openly debated policy ideas: but no longer. Newspapers, social media, blogs, and Read More

14th June 2015

An Unconditional Citizen’s Income

In these straitened times, the idea of a basic income, granted unconditionally to every citizen, from cradle to grave, feels utopian. How on earth could it be paid for, we Read More