14th June 2015

An Unconditional Citizen’s Income

In these straitened times, the idea of a basic income, granted unconditionally to every citizen, from cradle to grave, feels utopian. How on earth could it be paid for, we Read More

20th March 2015

The prospects for a CI scheme in Scotland after the 2014 Referendum on Independence

This report is a personal view, and as a ‘Yes’ campaigner, I admit that it is not impartial. The Edinburgh Agreement of 2012 agreed the wording on the ballot paper Read More

20th March 2015

Fair benefits

In a recent article in Renewal, Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and Martin McIvor, an advisor to Rachel Reeves, reflect on the legacy of Read More

20th March 2015

Benefits sanctions

Our last edition contained an editorial on benefits sanctions. We are pleased to see that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published a new report that reveals the depth of the Read More

20th March 2015

The necessity and the feasibility of a Citizen’s Income

In the context of a discussion of the Labour Party’s intention to increase the National Minimum Wage if it wins the next General Election, the General Secretary of the Fabian Read More

20th March 2015


During a speech in September 2012, Ed Miliband suggested that to tackle poverty the UK needs better ‘predistribution’, [1] and not just ‘redistribution’: that is, we need people’s pretax incomes Read More

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