20th July 2016

A brief report, and a strategy

A brief report on progress During the past year the Citizen’s Income Trust has launched a new website implemented a new communication policy, including an active twitter account and monthly Read More

18th July 2016

Event report: What if everyone was on benefits? New podcast – and another podcast

On Monday 11th July an event at Conway Hall in London tackled the question: What if everyone was on benefits? Malcolm Torry and Kitty Stewart presented arguments for and against Read More

18th July 2016

BBC Analysis programme on Universal Basic Income

A BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme, Money for Nothing, broadcast on the 17th July, asks the question: Is a Universal Basic Income the right policy for the Labour Party?

18th July 2016

Conference report : The future of work, Zurich

Highlights of a conference on the future of work in Zurich, the 4th of May 2016 ‘Robots and artificial intelligence are going to take over and make redundant more than Read More

12th July 2016

The trade union Unite’s policy conference votes to support exploration of Basic Income

At its policy conference on the 11th July, Britain’s larges trade union, Unite, voted to support the exploration of Basic Income. The resolution was as follows: Basic Income Conference notes Read More

11th July 2016

New European Commission evidence review

The European Commission has published a new evidence review, Creating More Equal Societies: What works? by Abigail McKnight, Magali Duque and Mark Rucci: ‘A Citizen’s Income is an unconditional, non-withdrawable Read More