10th January 2016

Conference Report: Steve Keen – ‘Will We Crash Again? Why capitalism needs debt write-offs to survive’

Invited lecture by Professor Steve Keen * in the ‘London Thinks’ series at Conway Hall, 1st September 2015 In a packed hall, Keen reminded us of the complacent attitudes of Read More

10th January 2016

Conference Report: Making Money Work (Adair Turner)

An invited talk by Adair Turner* and panel discussion with Steve Keen and Chris Giles (journalist) at Methodist Central Hall hosted by Positive Money, chaired by Fran Boait, sponsored by Read More

10th January 2016

Citizen’s Income News: January 2016

The Resolution Foundation has published a report, Making the most of UC: Final report of the Resolution Foundation review of Universal Credit: ‘Today’s high withdrawal rates mean that, for many Read More

10th January 2016

Citizen’s Pension in the Netherlands

A pension for all citizens aged over 65 was introduced in the Netherlands in 1947 by a social democrat minister. The flat rate, tax-funded pension, called the AOW (Algemene Ouderdomswet) Read More

14th October 2015

Citizens’ Income News: Autumn 2015

The Institute of Gerontology at King’s College, London, has published a report, An Age Friendly City – How far has London come? by Anthea Tinker and Jay Ginn: Oe of Read More

11th October 2015

101 Reasons for a Citizen’s Basic Income

“Provides a clear and incisive contribution to what may become one of the most critical social policy debates of the current era.” Professor Hartley Dean, London School of Economics “All Read More