13th April 2016

John Harris writes in the Guardian: Should we scrap benefits and pay everyone £100 a week?

Imagine a Britain where the government pays every adult the basic cost of living. Whether rich or poor – or, crucially, whether you’re in paid employment or not – everyone Read More

22nd March 2016

One reason a day

There really are lots of reasons for a Citizen’s Income, and you can find 101 of them in 101 Reasons for a Citizen’s Income by Malcolm Torry. If you follow Read More

16th March 2016

New Zealand could become one of the first developed countries to introduce a Citizen’s Income.

The Independent reports that ‘New Zealand could become one of the first developed countries to scrap benefits and introduce a basic citizens’ income. Leader of the opposition Andrew Little said his Read More

14th March 2016

SNP conference votes for Citizen’s Income

The Scottish National Party conference has voted to back a Citizen’s/Basic Income. Click here to see details of Ronnie Cowan MP’s speech and the conference decision

10th January 2016

Conference Report: Steve Keen – ‘Will We Crash Again? Why capitalism needs debt write-offs to survive’

Invited lecture by Professor Steve Keen * in the ‘London Thinks’ series at Conway Hall, 1st September 2015 In a packed hall, Keen reminded us of the complacent attitudes of Read More

10th January 2016

Conference Report: Making Money Work (Adair Turner)

An invited talk by Adair Turner* and panel discussion with Steve Keen and Chris Giles (journalist) at Methodist Central Hall hosted by Positive Money, chaired by Fran Boait, sponsored by Read More