15th January 2017

John McDonnell’s meeting with the Goenchi Mati Movement (Goa)

A press release from the Goenchi Mati Movement reads as follows: GOA (12-Jan-2016): Many voters of his constituency originally hailing from Goa had contacted Mr. John McDonnell, British MP and Shadow Chancellor Read More

13th January 2017

Two new articles from Compass on Citizen’s Income and women

The think tank Compass has published two articles on the relationship between Citizen’s Income and women, particularly in relation to women’s participation in employment and in caring and household work: Read More

13th January 2017

Work and Pensions Committee hearing

To watch the Work and Pensions Committee hearing on Citizen’s Income on the 12th January click here. The transcript can be found here.

13th January 2017

Three recent articles in The Guardian and The Times

Three articles on Citizen’s Income in two days: John Harris in The Guardian on Citizen’s Income as a significant opportunity for the Labour Party; Guy Standing in The Guardian on Read More

12th January 2017

Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark write about trade unionist objections to Citizen’s Income

Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark have written a useful summary of arguments that trade unionists sometimes offer, along with some possible responses. This contribution to the Citizen’s Income debate can Read More

11th January 2017

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung report on the digital economy calls for research into Citizen’s Income

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung foundation has published a report on the European digital economy. The project report can be found here, and the UK country report here. The UK country report concludes Read More