12th February 2018

An animation, and an LSE blog post

Kurzgesagt has published an animation about Citizen’s Basic Income. Click here to see it. And the LSE Review of Books has published an article in preparation for the LSE Festival Read More

6th February 2018

Universal Credit, means-testing, and social security: an article by Jane Millar

… Child Benefit is an exceptionally well-directed way of helping families and all the old arguments — contribution of society to the future, supports children regardless of parental employment status, provides Read More

29th January 2018

World Economic Forum discussion about Citizen’s Basic Income

To watch a one hour discussion about Citizen’s Basic Income at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, click here        

27th January 2018

Scottish pilot projects: a clarification

The following paragraph has been published by the Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland: For the avoidance of doubt:  Scotland has not yet started any Basic Income Pilot Projects.  Four Councils Read More

24th January 2018

Ed Miliband and Camilla Cavendish discuss Citizen’s Basic Income

On the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on the 23rd January 2018 Camilla Cavendish and Ed Miliband discussed Citizen’s Basic Income. The discussion takes place in the final five minutes Read More

23rd January 2018

Articles about the Adam Smith Institute’s paper about Citizen’s Basic Income

The Adam Smith Institute has published a new paper by Otto Lehto titled Basic Income around the world: The unexpected benefits of unconditional cash transfers. To download the paper, click Read More