16th July 2019

British Medical Journal article about the effects of Universal Credit

The British Medical Journal has published an article about the effects of Universal Credit, ‘Impact of Universal Credit in North East England: a qualitative study of claimants and support staff‘. Read More

14th July 2019

A meeting about Citizen’s Basic Income in Wales

A recent event organised by the Royal Society of Arts discussed how Citizen’s Basic Income might work in Wales: With prominent business and government leaders backing calls to implement Universal Read More

14th July 2019

Opportunities for fraud

The Guardian has reported that criminals are using Universal Credit claimants’ identities to claim the loans designed to tide people over the wait before Universal Credit payments begin. Tens of Read More

2nd July 2019

Digital by default

Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, and Christiaan van Veen, a special advisor on new technologies and human rights, have written an article for The Read More

21st June 2019

Two events: The IFS and the LSE

Two informative events took place on Wednesday 19th June. In the morning, the Institute for Fiscal Studies launched its annual report on Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK, Read More

13th June 2019

Sheffield hopes to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project

The Guardian reports on Sheffield City Council’s expressed wish to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project, based on a report by the UBI Lab, Sheffield. Sheffield¬†has moved closer to Read More