New videos on land rent as a means of paying for a Citizen’s Basic Income

Mick Reiss has issued three educational videos that argue for a Citizen’s Basic Income paid for by charging rent on the value of land. The first video contains a thought experiment that reveals how today’s land ownership structure has evolved; the second pursues the thought experiment to ask how things might have been different; and the third discusses some of the difficulties involved in making the transition from the way things are to the way they might be.

The videos can be accessed by clicking on these links:

The first video.

The second video.

The third video.










One thought on “New videos on land rent as a means of paying for a Citizen’s Basic Income

  1. Not being an academic BUT having been brought up with a sense of fairness in all matters I have always considered how land was obtained and always believed that the guy with the biggest army and best weapons was the one to end up owning the land.In other words the land was STOLEN .Your video has confirmed my thoughts on how land was obtained and I am sure if I studied history this would also confirm my thinking on this subject.I realise however to even think this way is extremely radical and to change the status quo is going to be a huge battle
    Thank you for making this video I found it very educational

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