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14th February 2002

Social Policy and Administration, volume 35

Social Policy and Administration, volume 35, December 2001, no.5 This special issue of Social Policy and Administration on ‘Environmental Issues and Social Welfare’ invites those of us who are interested Read More

14th February 2002

Targeting Social Protection Benefits, by Abraham Doron

Benefits, issue 31 May/June 2001, pp.10-13. “Targeting of social security benefits has always been an integral part of social welfare policies. The introduction of the term ‘targeting’ into the current Read More

14th February 2002

Employment and Poverty, second edition

(Trades Union Congress, £7.50, ISBN 1 85006 583 7). This paper concludes that “the clear correlation between a country’s social protection spending and its poverty rate, and the lack of Read More

14th February 2002

Social Security and the Changing Labour Market, by David Piachaud and Jo Webb

(Trades Union Congress, October 2001, £10, ISBN 1 85006 582 9). Social security has an economic function, as it reduces exclusion, encourages risk-taking, and reduces the crime-related costs of inequality. Read More

14th February 2002

From Security to Risk: Pension privatisation and gender inequality, by Jay Ginn

(London: Catalyst, December 2001) (Catalyst is at P.O. Box 27477, London SW9 8WT, telephone 020 7733 2111, email, website The introduction to this paper reveals just how small Read More

14th November 2001

Getting Attached: New Routes to Full Employment, by Max Nathan

(Fabian Society, 2001), 36+iv pp, £6.95. (A revised version appears in Working Brief, issue 128, October 2001, published by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion.) Order this book Responding Read More

14th November 2001

Recruiting and Employing Offenders, by Del Roy Fletcher, Alan Taylor, Stephen Hughes and Jonathan Breeze

(Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2001), 59+v pp, £13.95, ISBN 1 84263 036 9.Order this book This report is based on a close study of recruitment practice in 26 companies of varying Read More

14th November 2001

New Labour – The Progressive Future, by Stuart White

(Palgrave, 2001), ISBN 0-333-91565-8 Order this book If sense is to be made of the distinction between parties that seek to maintain the political status quo and those that move Read More

14th November 2001

Basic Income On The Agenda, by Robert van der Veen and Loek Groot (ed.)

Amsterdam University Press Order this book (This review, by Samuel Brittan, was first published under the title In Praise of Free Lunches in the Times Literary Supplement of the 24th Read More

14th July 2001

Logics of urban polarization: the view from below’ in Rosemary Crompton & al., Renewing Class Analysis, by Loïc Wacquant

Oxford: Blackwell, 2000, pp. 107-119. ( Order this book In this paper on marginality and inequalities in Western cities, the renowned Berkeley-based French sociologist Loïc Wacquant briefly reasserts his commitment Read More

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