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12th February 2009

Joint taxation and the labour supply of married women: Evidence from the Canadian tax reform of 1988, by Thomas F. Crossley and Sung-Hee Jeon

Fiscal Studies, vol.28, 2007, no.3, pp.343-365 A change to the taxation system in Canada in 1988 has enabled Crossley and Jeon to conduct a natural experiment to test the effect Read More

12th February 2009

(Not) taking account of precarious employment: workfare policies and lone mothers in Ontario and the UK, by Patricia Evans

Social Policy and Administration, volume 41, no.1, February 2007, pp.29-49 This study of workfare for lone mothers in Canada shows that the result of the policy is precarious low-quality employment Read More

12th February 2009

“Sifting the wheat from the chaff”: a two-dimensional discriminant analysis of welfare state regime theory, by Clare Bambra

Social Policy and Administration, volume 41, no.1, February 2007, pp.1-28 There are two ways of categorising welfare states: ‘How much?’ and ‘How?’. In this important article Bambra shows how each Read More

12th February 2009

The Heretical Political Discourse: a Discourse Analysis of the Danish Debate on Basic Income, by Erik Christensen

Aalborg University Press, 2008, 164 pp, pbk, 87 7307 936 2, £28 This collection of mainly previously published articles and book chapters contains a single simple message: in Denmark there Read More

12th February 2009

Just Distribution: Rawlsian Liberalism and the Politics of Basic Income, by Simon Birnbaum

Stockholm Studies in Politics 122, Stockholm University, 2008: 978-91-7155-570-0 Simon Birnbaum is a newcomer to the basic income debate who has quickly worked his way into the basic income movement. Read More

12th November 2008

Going it Alone?, by Martina Klett-Davies

Ashgate, 2007, 166 pp, hbk, 978 0 7546 4388 3, £55 ‘The nuclear family consisting of a father, mother and their child or children is declining; divorce and cohabitation rates Read More

12th November 2008

The Europeanisation of Social Protection, by Jon Kvist and Juho Saari (eds.)

Policy Press, Bristol, 2007, xi + 308pp., paperback, 1847420192, £25, hardback, 1847420206, £65 This book consists of papers from a conference organized by the European Union’s Finnish Presidency in 2006 Read More

12th November 2008

Handbook on the Economics of Happiness, by Luigino Brunl and Pier Luigi Porta (eds)

Edward Elgar, 2007,xxxvii + 596 pp, hbk, 978 1 84376 826 7, £150 Start with chapter 2. This will introduce you to a wide variety of definitions of happiness: from Read More

12th July 2008

The Failed Welfare Revolution: America’s Struggle over the Guaranteed Income Policy, by Brian Steensland

Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2008, hardback, 069112714X, £13.98 Hard as it is to believe today, there was a brief period when the United States government seemed inevitably bound to adopt Read More

12th February 2008

Classical, Neoclassical and Keynesian Views on Growth and Distribution, by Neri Salvadori and Carlo Panico (eds)

Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2006, xxii+318pp, hardback, 1 84542 309 7, £69.95 The accumulation of capital is the only true engine of economic growth, for it ‘leads to an improvement in Read More