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26th July 2012

Social Policy in Challenging Times: Economic crisis and welfare systems, edited by Kevin Farnsworth and Zoë Irving

Policy Press, 2011, xi + 335 pp, pbk, 1 847 42827 1, £27.99, hbk, 1 847 42828 8, £70 Whilst in all of the countries studied in this edited collection Read More

26th June 2012

Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile decision-making in a turbulent world, by Graham Room

Edward Elgar, 2011, vii + 383pp, hbk, 0 85793 263 1, £95 This is one of those rare books which studies the deeper foundations of theory and practice: not just Read More

26th June 2012

How Social Security Works: An introduction to benefits in Britain, by Paul Spicker

Policy Press, 2011, xii + 284 pp, hbk 1847428110, £65, pbk, 1847428103, £23.99 This well-organised book is what it says it is: an ‘introduction’ to the ‘design, management, operation and Read More

26th June 2012

Social Policy and Administration, vol.45, no.4, August 2011

As Bent Greve writes in his introduction to this highly topical edition of Social Policy and Administration, the financial crisis which began in 2008 has given rise to ‘a new Read More

26th May 2012

Policy and Politics, Volume 39, Number 1, January 2011

Special issue: Basic Income, Policy Press, 2011, 144 pp, pbk, ISSN 0305 5736, online ISSN 1470 8442 This substantial collection of articles rehearses a plethora of arguments for a Citizen’s Read More

26th May 2012

Well-being: In search of a good life, by Beverley A. Searle

Policy Press, 2008, ix + 198 pp, hbk 1 86134 887 6, £65 In this thorough and very readable book Beverley Searle employs extensive panel survey data to study people’s Read More

26th April 2012

Understanding the Environment and Social Policy, edited by Tony Fitzpatrick

Policy Press, 2011, xviii + 366 pp, hbk, 1 847 42380 1, £65, pbk, 1 847 42379 5, £21.99 This is an exploration of the complex relationship between social policy Read More

26th March 2012

The Mirrlees Review (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

This review covers two significant volumes and one journal article: Stuart Adam et al (eds), Dimensions of Tax Design: The Mirrlees Review, Oxford University Press for the Institute for Fiscal Read More

26th March 2012

The Economics of Taxation, edited by James Alm

The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics 251, Edward Elgar, 2011, 2 volume set, xxxvii + 592 pp, and x + 695 pp, hbk, 1 84844 829 2, £435 Read More

26th March 2012

Injustice: Why social inequality persists, by Daniel Dorling

Policy Press, 2011, xvii + 403 pp, pbk 1 847 42720 5, £9.99 Daniel Dorling’s Injustice (reviewed in the Citizen’s Income Newsletter, edition 3 for 2010) has been reissued in Read More