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25th August 2013

Family Policy Paradoxes: Gender equality and labour market regulation in Sweden, 1930-2010, by Åsa Lundqvist

Policy Press, 2011, viii + 155 pp, hbk, 1 847 42455 6, £65 The Nordic countries provide generous gender-neutral parental leave and benefits and also publicly-funded childcare, and the result Read More

25th August 2013

Enough is Plenty: Public and Private Policies for the 21st Century, by Anne B. Ryan

O Books, 2010, x + 215 pp, pbk, 1 84694 239 6, £11.99 ‘The concept of enough is developed throughout this book … enough is relevant to public policies and Read More

25th July 2013

Government, Governance and Welfare Reform: Structural Changes and Subsidiarity in Italy and Britain, by Alberto Brugnoli and Alessandro Colombo

Edward Elgar, 2012, 1 84844 477 5, hbk, xii + 183 pp, £65 Fundamental to the argument of this book are two different varieties of subsidiarity: what the authors call Read More

25th June 2013

The Change Book: Fifty models to explain how things happen, by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler

Profile Books, 2012, 1 78125009 9, hbk, vii + 167 pp, £9.99 For each of the fifty models there is a page or two of text and a page or Read More

25th June 2013

Child Poverty, Evidence and Policy by Nicola Jones and Andy Sumner

Policy Press, 2011, xii + 250 pp, pbk, 1 847 42445 7, £23.99, hbk, 1 847 42446 4, £65 The authors’ purpose isn’t entirely described by the title or subtitle. Read More

25th June 2013

The Squeezed Middle: The pressure on ordinary workers in America and Britain, by Sophia Parker

Policy Press, 2013, 1 4473 0894 2, hbk, xii + 169 pp, £65, 1 4473 0893 5, pbk, xii + 169 pp, £21.99 This collection of essays tackles a major Read More

25th May 2013

Basic Income Guarantee and Politics: International experiences and perspectives on the viability Income Guarantee, edited by Richard K. Caputo

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, 0 230 11691 7, hbk, ix + 322 pp, £62.50 This volume gathers together a huge of diversity of analysis of national and international political debates over Read More

25th May 2013

Money and Sustainability: The missing link, by Bernard Lietaer, Christian Arnsperger, Sally Goerner, and Stafan Brunnhuber

Triarchy Press for the Club of Rome, EU Chapter, 1 908009 7 53, pbk, 211 pp, £24 This report, written for a European group affiliated to the think tank The Read More

25th March 2013

Basic income Reconsidered: Social justice, liberalism, and the demands of equality, by Simon Birnbaum

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, xii + 246 pp, hbk, 0 230 11406 7, £62.50 ‘Radical liberalism … holds a substantial universal and unconditional tier of social rights to be one of Read More

25th February 2013

How Much is Enough? The Love of Money, and the Case for the Good Life, by Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky

Allen Lane/Penguin Books, 2012, xi+243 pp, hbk, 1 846 14448 6, £20 The thesis of this book is that there is a ‘good life’ which can be defined independently of Read More