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25th March 2015

Reclaiming Individualism: Perspectives on public policy, by Paul Spicker

Policy Press, 2013, vii + 208 pp, 1 4473 0908 6, hbk, £70 Moral individualism depends on the premise, not just that each person is an individual, but also that Read More

25th March 2015

‘Could a ‘Citizen’s Income’ work?’, by Donald Hirsch (Joseph Rowntree Foundation Research Paper)

A paper commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of its Minimum Income Standard programme, and published in March 2015. Full report here. The Citizen’s Income Newsletter usually mentions relevant Read More

25th February 2015

Manna: Two Visions of Humanity’s Future, by Marshall Brain

2012, BYG Publishing, Kindle edition available on, £0.77. (Also see the author’s website.) Review by Karl Widerquist Marshall Brain is a science writer (both fiction and non-), futurist, founder of Read More

25th February 2015

Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction, by Julian Reiss

Routledge, 2013, xvi + 331 pp, 0 415 88116 6, hbk, £75, 0 415 88117 3, pbk, £22.99 ‘Philosophy’ means ‘the love of wisdom’, and although Reiss does not put Read More

25th January 2015

The Politics of Civil Society: Big society and small government, by Fred Powell

2nd edition, Policy Press, 2013, vi + 236 pp, 1 4473 0715 0, hbk, £70, 1 4473 0714 3, pbk, £24.99 It is always interesting to compare a new edition Read More

25th November 2014

How Welfare States Shape the Democratic Public: Policy feedback, participation, voting, and attitudes, by Staffan Kumlin and Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen (eds)

Edward Elgar, 2014, 1 78254 549 1, hbk, ix + 337 pp, £90 In democratic countries public policy is influenced, at least to some extent, by public opinion. At the Read More

25th November 2014

The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2014, 0 393 23935 5, hbk, 320 pp, $26.95. Audio edition: Grand Haven, Michigan: Brilliance Audio, 2014. This book was recommended to me Read More

25th July 2014

Welfare in an Idle Society? Re-inventing retirement, work, wealth, health, and welfare, by Bernd Marin

Ashgate, 2013, 1 4724 1697 1, pbk, 701 pp, £75 The question that this book tackles is an important one: How can developed countries afford pensions for an ageing society Read More

25th April 2014

Exporting the Alaska Model: Adapting the Permanent Fund Dividend for reform around the world, by Karl Widerquist and Michael W. Howard (eds)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, 1 137 00659 2, hbk, xix+ 291 pp, £65 In 1797 Thomas Paine suggested that, because in principle the land belongs to everyone equally, those who occupy Read More

25th March 2014

The Economic Theory of Income Inequality, by Robert A. Becker (ed.)

Edward Elgar, 2013, 0 85793 908 1, hbk, lvii + 636 pp, £225 Ten years ago, Edward Elgar published a two volume collection of reprinted articles, The Economics of Poverty Read More